Why learn Spanish at Pico Verde?

Pico VerdeLa Paz is a great place to learn Spanish, whether you´re here for a few days or planning on a longer stay.

So, why choose Pico Verde to improve your Spanish?


1) FUN:

It should come as no surprise, but it’s difficult to learn a language when you’re so tense or afraid of failure that you hate the process. Our teachers understand that students can have a hard time learning and retaining their Spanish lessons because they tighten up when out of their element.

At Pico Verde, we believe that learning a language should be fun. More to the point, if a language class isn’t fun, it’s harder for the student to stay interested and retain the material.

We’ve designed our Spanish school and our lessons with this in mind. Our Spanish classes mix instruction, conversation and interesting and relevant contextual applications in a way that will sustain your interest - even if you think you´re one of those who can ´never learn´. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere you´ll find when you arrive at our office extends to the teachers, the lessons, and the other activities available.


While seeking to ensure a learning process that is fun and interesting, we also take our roles as educators very seriously. Through years of practice in the classroom we have developed a method of teaching Spanish that is rigorous and thorough.

We tailor our Spanish courses to the skills and needs of the student. Need extra time in conversation? No problem. Studying for a standardized exam? We have various practice exams on hand and studying tips to help you succeed. Working in a professional setting in Latin America? We can help you maximize the Spanish you need for your job.

We also have structured lesson plans that combine grammar, conversation, reading, listening, comprehension and real-life applications. This allows our students valuable opportunities to practice and reinforce what they’ve learned before they even leave the classroom.

3) COST:

We understand that travellers live on tight budgets. We want you to be able to learn Spanish and enhance your experience in South America, and still have enough money for a beer in the evening. Our prices are flexible and seriously competitive - check them out!.