Our teachers all are highly qualified, with years of experience teaching Spanish and designing tailored lesson plans. All of our teachers speak English, so don’t worry if you need to ask questions in English at first. We also have on staff teachers who speak German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Teacher Profiles


Adriana Chanove

Adriana is 25 and has been teaching Spanish for four years. She completed a degree in Social Communication in 2008 and now works full time as a teacher and administrator for Pico Verde. Adriana likes languages because once you study a language you can understand the country and its people, its culture. She speaks English, French and Italian as well as Spanish and loves learning new languages. For these reasons she really enjoys working for Pico Verde, and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who come in to ask her about arranging Spanish classes!

Maya Sagarnaga

Maya teachingMaya is the newest addition to our teaching staff at Pico Verde and her great-grandfather gave his name to the street where we live following his exploits in the War of Independence, fighting alongside Pedro Domingo Murillo. Born in Cochabamba but a resident of La Paz, Maya also spent eight years living in the United States before moving back to Bolivia and studying anthropology. Maya, who also speaks French and a little Quechua, enjoys adding to her anthropological knowledge through teaching by learning about other cultures.



Franz Mamani

Franz teachingFranz has been with us since the autumn of 2010. He holds a Linguistics Degree from Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz. He grew up in the city and as well as working at Pico Verde he teaches basic English to members of the police force here. He finds teaching Spanish at Pico Verde fun, and enjoys the cultural exchange with his students.