The highest capital city in the world, La Paz is a colourful and vibrant hub for travellers in South America, just a bus ride away from Chile, Argentina, Peru, and the stunning and diverse beauty of central and eastern Bolivia.


And, of course, Pico Verde languages is here!

Which gets us to one of the most enticing aspects of La Paz for prospective language students: the Spanish. Learning Spanish is not the same everywhere, and students and professionals alike acknowledge that the Bolivian accent is one of the easiest to pick up and understand when learning Spanish. Paceños speak with crisp and clear articulation. It’s a great place to perfect your Spanish before dealing with the more challenging idioms of Chile, Argentina or Spain.

Another great thing about La Paz? Life here is very cheap in comparison with other places in Latin America, so you can enjoy the buzz of city life and get to grips with your Spanish without worrying about being able to sleep and eat within your budget.


And when the fancy takes you, hundreds of options exist for exciting travel outside the capital – from archeological daytrips to longer jungle treks – which can be arranged while staying in La Paz…

Explore Bolivia

La Paz is a great starting point for students of Spanish who want to experience all that South America has to offer. Many of our students have gone on to northern Argentina, southern Peru (including Machu Picchu and Cuzco) or Chile, which are all within a day’s drive. Others have used La Paz as a base to explore the exciting cultural and geographical diversity of Bolivia.

Within a few hours of La Paz are verdant jungles, national parks and nature reserves, Incan and pre-Incan ruins, amazing mountain vistas, otherworldly deserts and salt flats, culturally significant cities and towns and the highest lake in the world.

Of the hundreds of things around La Paz, we recommend the following, all of which are within 3 hours of the city:

  1. Sailing the birthplace of Inca culture at Copacabana on the banks of Lake Titicaca and the lake’s two main islands, Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna
  2. Biking the world-famous “Death Road” and exploring the sub-tropical Yungas valley
  3. Hiking one of the peaks of the Bolivian Andes, chiefly Huyana Potosí or Illimani, two peaks that loom majestically over La Paz
  4. Walking the well-preserved Incan roads that wind from the mountains to the jungles of central Bolivia
  5. Exploring the stunning pre-Incan ruins of Tiwanaku
  6. Trekking the lush jungles around the Bolivian town of Rurrenabaque in search of exotic wildlife
There are many tour companies in La Paz that can arrange travel to these (and other) places. While you´re working hard at your Spanish lessons in La Paz we can help you plan amazing and rewarding trips outside the city, and book reservations with recommended agencies.